YES would win the elections to the House of Representatives. Social democracy would shake, STAN and the people would fall out Home

The ANO movement won the most votes in the survey, with 29 percent. The ODS would finish in second place with 16.1 percent, while the SPD took the top spot with 12.5 percent. There is a decline in the STAN movement. In the elections, it would not even win the necessary five percent to get into the Chamber of Deputies. Not even KDU-SL would cross the border, it won 4.6 percent. On the contrary, the SSD would reach the House of Representatives in the Polish elections.

A total of six parties would thus get into the Chamber of Deputies. They would finish fourth with 11.8 percent of Pirti, and even the TOP 09 party would fall behind with just over five percent.

42.5 percent of secondary school graduates without a high school diploma voted YES. The ODS then prefers people with a high-class background, which makes up two-quarters of the electorate. ANO (18 percent) and Pirty (14.4 percent) prefer high-speed cycling.

In addition, Volisk’s preferences for the SPD are also growing. They are least supported by people with a distance of 100 km without a high school diploma (24.5 percent) and people in the age groups of 45 and 54 years (22.5 percent).

If the elections were held in April, according to the survey, 60 percent of the respondents would vote. Another 13 percent of respondents are invited, according to Median. The willingness to participate in the elections is currently high, but it was not the same during the previous elections. Median points out, however, that the declared election rate is usually not true.

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