Witowsk and Bartoov walk to Aktuln, they will conduct video interviews Home

The new concept of video content will be fully manifested on the website at the beginning of 2023. Clem zman, whose essence is the message of the editorial and production team, is to reach a new group of fans, the server said. Simultaneously with the mission of creating your own video content, limit the economy of production from external partners.

Witowsk has been involved in the T case for over twenty years. Viewers saw her in the news programs Udlosti, Udlosti, komente and Interview T24 or during the presidential duel in 2018 between Milo Zeman and Jim Draho.

Two years ago, Witowsk announced that it was no longer in the main news programs T, i.e. in Udlosty and in Udlosty, comments. She decided to devote more time to her family and became the host of the interview T24 program. T informed about Witowsk’s departure via Twitter.

Bartoov worked in the news of the Universal Television for eight years. At first she worked in a foreign newsroom, from the autumn of 2015 to January she worked in the Moderator’s Udlost and Udlost, comment.

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