Will HIMARS rocket launchers stand on vc? Do the Russians have other similar weapons? | Nzory

First, the Rus’ advanced and towards Kiev. It seemed to them that his pd was only a difficult time, but they were discouraged. Then they fell in love with Donbas and the south. U u was preparing maps of the countries that were lost, but then the Ukrainian offensive on Kherson began.

If you look at the map, you will remember the Volga near Stalingrad in 1942 and the Russians in the role of Paulus’s army on the way to the encirclement. The Ukrainians destroyed the bridges over the Dnieper and the Rusovs will use the ferry and the pontoon bridge to bring their troops down. One would have thought that the Stalingrad of these wolves would not be the fight for the Azovstal factory, but rather Kherson. Nothing

This offensive was facilitated by the additions of the HIMARS rocket launcher. Will they stand on vc? Will the extras come? Will the Russians take out another weapon like this? These are not deftist questions. This wolf has learned a certain amount of caution. Yesterday, it turned out that being above him was pedasic. It is so open that no one would say anything in a hole.

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