Who is to blame for the fire? Worst of all are the dwarves | Opinions

In the more humorous version, the problem is illustrated by Cimrman’s omniscient grandfather, according to whom the dwarves are to blame for everything: “Those monsters crawl everywhere.” A brutal variant is then offered by our history and the pogroms against minorities, preferably the Jews: whenever the culprit of the disaster was unknown, the easiest thing was to name someone, who was a “suspect” beforehand.

Today, a strong stream of folk wisdom here blames environmentalists for keeping the national park from mining, so the fire had an excess of food. Let us remind the College of Life of the facts.

On the one hand, mining is physically almost impossible in some places in the gorges. On the one hand, as the fire chief Vladimír Vlček reminds: the most common culprits of forest fires are forest workers. The popular certainty that the risk of fire would decrease with higher extraction is therefore based on extremely shaky foundations.

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