When fleeing before mobilisation, do not apply for humanitarian aid Home

In a televised appearance, Putin stated that this is to defend against the West, which, according to him, is trying to weaken, divide and destroy Russia. According to the president, the mobilization, which will affect the main Russian soldiers in the composition and with military experience, will begin immediately. According to the Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Oygu, the army has authorized the mobilization of 300,000 reservists.

I understand that Rusov’s flight before me made Putin more desperate. But those who leave the country because they do not want to fulfill the duty imposed by their own state do not meet the conditions for the release of a humanitarian bond, informed Lipavsk.

According to the fourth edition of the European Commission’s speech, it has been decided whether to allow people from Russia to enter the country on the border of the European Union.

According to him, EU states should always guarantee the entry of people seeking asylum in the EU and then assess their status individually. According to the commission, the countries of the European bloc are currently debating how to react to the new situation and should take a common position.

According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala, the Czech Republic will treat the deserters as if they were asylum seekers. If someone comes, his enough will be assessed in terms of standard asylum women, he said in the pre-election debate of the server He added that the Russian, who wants to avoid mobilisation, is giving signals about spitting, but he is not.

For example, the Baltic countries announced in the middle that they will not provide food to Russians fleeing before mobilization. Czech Republic was the first EU member state to suspend the release of visas for citizens of Russia, the day after the invasion of Ukraine, i.e. 25 November. The devastation continues until now, later it was imposed by the Czech Republic on the citizens of Belarus, in both cases with the exception of humanitarian cases.

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