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We were the first among the five aces to cancel the summer dedication of the Straka Academy building, which would have cost us approximately 130 thousand crowns in the fifth year. According to us, we reduced the lighting to a safe minimum in the interior spaces, which means that we basically freed up every other lamp and we charge the rest for questionable LED lamps. Motion detectors are being installed in the corridors and toilets, announced Jana Kotalkov, head of the government department.

I believe that by introducing only these measures, we should save 1.5 million crowns in the fifth year after the ceiling price of energy, said Kotalkov. According to the chairman of the government, Petr Fiala, the entire package and other measures can save 17 and 20 percent of the government’s annual energy consumption, which is around 2 million crowns.

the dispute also wants to achieve investment in insulated buildings in the coming years. I consider this to be an absolutely necessary step. The premises of the Straka Academy have around 3,000 square meters of space, and we want to keep the heat out, explained Kotalkov. Insulating the floor with cotton wool should mean a dispute and 15 percent. The project must be completed by the beginning of the heating season.

hundred pennies for insulated floors, which will cost between 10 and 13 million, and the reconstruction and modernization of the government meeting room and the press atrium are being postponed. The press atrium needs to be reconstructed, because it is technologically very backward, but insulated floors with spores are now our two priorities, explained the head of the government.

Employees don’t go to work. Offices in historic buildings will be heated to 19 and 20 degrees, corridors with warehouses to 15 degrees. The limited heating will also affect our representative premises, pointed out Kotalkov. ad vlady, in addition to all the programs, he also prepared a manual for his employees on how to effectively enter, light and handle electronics.

Purple: Trapped by prices, don’t mean to pay

The fact that we have abundant gas resources and have put a ceiling on energy prices does not mean that we can ease them, Prime Minister Petr Fiala appealed to the public in a speech on Sunday.

On the contrary, the government, state organizations, companies and households should first think about this matter in the coming months, whether they can use the energy of the economy in the right way, or at least how not to waste it, explained how the current Prime Minister not only Obanech.

I can promise you that I will consistently insist that the state and its institutions lead by example, he added. On Thursday, at a press conference, together with the head of the government, Jana Kotalková, the prime minister presented the energy dispute in the historic buildings of the Straka Academy, the Czech government headquarters, and other buildings.

According to the prime minister, there is no easy way out of the current crisis, and it will take many months, years to build a diversified energy source infrastructure. According to the Prime Minister, the questionable energy management is a measure that is effective immediately and can be implemented by everyone.

Last year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued a manual on how to deal with disputes in public buildings, and is also preparing a campaign on energy disputes for households, which should offer residents practical advice on how things can be saved for heating, for example.

Due to energy shortages, the Ministry itself dropped the ceremonial lighting of the main building in Prague on Frantik, reduced electricity consumption, such as refrigerators, and lowered the temperature in offices and corridors. In the case of electricity in the main buildings, there was a decrease of 20 percent, and gas consumption fell by approximately 24 percent, the head of the department’s press department, Marek Voahlk, told TK.

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