Ukrainians receive permission orders for shelters and discotheques, even for punishment St

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi stated in the second half of the conference that on average, 30 Ukrainian soldiers died and 250 were injured in the war every day.

The song destroys Ukraine as well as Russia. Meanwhile, Ukrainians who serve in the army are more likely to meet female military personnel, including in supermarkets, gas stations, shelters and even on mountains. Permissive orders punish the perpetrators of public disorder and ideas under the influence.

According to the latest data, there are about 700,000 Ukrainians in the army. There were 250,000 men and women at the time of the wolf’s arrest. Already after the first Russian air raids on the morning of the 24th of November, there were volunteers at the military service front. The number of militiamen alone exceeded 100,000 during the month.

There are no official data on the sweat of volunteers

Even people without any experience and basic training went into battle. Killing, digging trenches and operating weapons were used by experienced soldiers. There are no official data on the sweat of volunteers.

After five months, the wolves of the front do not stand in front of military orders. Vtina, wanting to fight, has signed a contract, or even for mobilization.

Lack of documents, lack of space in training centers and bureaucracy are the reasons why volunteers are sent home to wait and call them, said Meduza Ihor from Kharkiv, who started the training on the 152nd day of the hunt.

Not only volunteers are dissatisfied with the work of the military, but also those who received a postponement from starting their service in the army. Even those who don’t want to fight accept orders.

In fact, they can be obtained anytime and anywhere in Ukraine. In Kyiv, where restaurants, shops and shopping centers reopened at the turn of the year, raids took place in many clubs, said barman Maksim Ladyko. Non-clubs close their doors at 11:00 p.m. due to the disaster, and they do not let out the entrants until Friday morning. And only then stick with the permissive orders.

Non life should be a kind of psychotherapy for people, and that’s why some try to escape from destruction while others have fun behind closed doors. In fact, don’t break the law, but the police and soldiers will take care of him anyway. At the end of April, the Kyiv police checked 420 establishments over the course of two nights, and military personnel issued 219 warrants in clubs and bars.

Raid do not do business only in Kyiv

Somewhere in Kiev, a ribbon factory turned into one of the main cities of his life. The police raided there on June 25 and took away all the victims, took their fingerprints and ordered them to appear for military service. No one obeyed them, because at first the only threat was a fine. But a week later, a policeman knocked on the door again. One of the employees wrote on social media that when they didn’t find their wallets, they robbed the warehouse of humanitarian aid. The police promised a rescue.

Raid do not do business only in Kyiv. There are a lot of pictures and videos on social media about how people receive permission orders in the most unusual places. For example, on the 14th of July, they split them into the sky and the sky in Odense. The order was also given to piopil nvtvnk of the Kyiv lake Vyrlycja.

In Transcarpathia, they split up at the swimming pool, in the Ivano-Frankivsk region they split up in front of the petrol station. There have been cases where those admitted to the army drank as punishment for being under the influence.

In Transcarpathia, near the border with Hungary and Slovakia, there is a festival. One of them takes place in the mountain meadows in the Carpathians. It’s a hippie gathering. Of course there are a lot of narcotics. At the first meadow, you will come across a house that is definitely not made of bonfires. The police didn’t come here for two years, Roman from Kiev poured out.

Police did not comment on the incident

In the middle of the meadow, one of the peasants suddenly ran past us and said: Ekosexuals, unite! They drank! The Vichni giggled, but they saw the soldiers and the police in it. They climbed into the mountains to give us permissive orders! he added with the fact that he had given priority to the forest.

The police and the military did not comment on the incident at first.

Roman claimed that he reported to the Azov regiment when the wolf was arrested, but they rejected him because he has flat feet and one of his kidneys is missing. They didn’t have to worry about it in Zakarpattia.

A Ukrainian soldier in an anti-aircraft shelter at the front in the Kharkiv region stands on a flag for children from the USA. (October 23, 2022)

Twenty-eight-year-old Makar is not going to fight. According to him, a soldier is allowed like everyone else and people should choose them consciously, if they are a wolf. My other life is full. During the arrest, the bezna took his wife, mother and grandmother from Kiev to the Transcarpathian town of Us-orna. There they advised him to hide the car with Kyiv signs in the garage and not to go out on the street, because Kyivans don’t belong here and the local militia, Edians and their relatives seized the two permit orders with an unusual purpose.

According to 20-year-old Dmytro from Kyiv, something similar happened in the Lviv region. He and his brother became nervous when they first heard the voice of the officer from the selection commission from the opening of the door to the military: If he didn’t collapse over here, he has arms and legs, he caused them!.

When mobilizing, I may break the law

Here, Dmytro’s brother and father were taken to the militia, but a day later they learned that their files could be lost for a thousand dollars.

Roman, Makar and Dmytro carry the final reasons in the army.

Attorney Rastislav Kravec explains that many cases of violations of the law may occur during mobilization. The latter does not forbid giving a call-up order in a shopping center or in a bar, but it most likely violates the procedure established by law, according to which the military officers are supposed to know who and when to call up.

Many soldiers also criticize the chaotic induction into the army. One of the volunteers reflected on the fact that the intellectual elite, the best of the best, are perishing at the front, but meanwhile people with problems and addictions are being drafted into the army. Defending the homeland is an est, not a punishment. The armed forces, who defended the homeland against the Russians, are not the right organization for criminals, Borys Khmelevskyi.

In the meantime, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov expressed a similar view. On the contrary, the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Jevhen Jenin, thinks that the additional army should serve the people, ruining their lives and having fun on the streets, while the comrades are fighting.

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