Ukrainians can work in esk, half of the companies want them. But sleep only dlnick profession | Business

53 percent of employers are still going to employ Ukrainians or otherwise remove them, summarizes Jan Rechnovsk, HR expert at PKF Apogeo. If we were to apply this data to the total number of poet sro, of which there are 507 thousand, of which only one Ukrainian would be willing to accept, we would soon have to send for data, a piece of paper.

Companies are already filling out 78 percent of Ukrainians for positions requiring no qualifications or for professional work. The demand is for construction workers, make dog clothes, idi, electrician, blood or you workers in supermarkets, writes Rechnovsk.

According to him, a significant shift towards qualified employees has not yet occurred. Only 11 percent of respondents confirmed the demand for health workers, programmers, and high-skilled workers in technical, chemical, or industrial fields, according to the report. Only these professions can produce high added value and increase the competitiveness of our products. Don’t realize this potential in our company, he comments.

More than 160,000 Ukrainians, who have so far taken refuge from the wolf in their country, are adults, and another 130,000 are children and adolescents, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

From the analysis prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, half of the refugee women take positions as operators of various machines and equipment, and another 36 percent of them work in auxiliary positions. Roughly a quarter of the Ukrainians who fled to them after the arrest of the wolves found work in large enterprises that employ over 250 people.

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