Two million people will be required to collect data from January. For some, they can mean the way to the first | Business

From 2023, data mailboxes will be required for every natural person running a business, and thus for every primary person who does not have one. That is, those who are registered in the federal and gifted register, the state register, the association of unit owners or the general benefit company, says Michael Dobrovoln, manager of Smart Office & Companies.

All orders, not excluding the financial one, will communicate with the entrepreneur exclusively through the mailbox data. In practice, this will mean, for example, that the OSV will submit all the books to the data exclusively in electronic form.

What is causing concern today is the so-called delivery fiction. A document sent to the mailbox is considered delivered at the moment the user accesses it. If you do not do so within a period of 10 days from the day the document was received, it is considered delivered on the last day of this period. From January 1, 2022, the rule of fictitious delivery will apply not only to public records, but also to records sent by physical and primary persons to each other via data mailboxes. The writing of private primary requests to data boxes will be automatically initiated by their holder. However, this functionality can be turned off.

If you do not check the data box regularly, you may miss due notices, such as a notification from the financial department about the initiation of tax control, warns Martin Bortlk, partner of the consulting company PKF Apogeo.

This can then become a backlog, which can cause many complications for us as entrepreneurs.

According to Dobrovolný, it is therefore logical that the demand for services similar to those offered by Smart Office & Companies is growing in connection with the expected massive variety of data boxes. The message in the client’s first mailbox, thanks to which the communication will not be missed on that day.

You don’t have to be an idiot just about business entities. The law stipulates that the data box of a natural person will be scanned as soon as the electronic identification means issued by a qualified electronic identification system is used for the first time. In other words, the first time you go somewhere with the NIA (National Identity Authority – a state institution that provides electronic user identification for state portals), you will immediately be shown a data folder.

If you are interested, I will notify you to the Land Registry about the new exchange of land that is adjacent to yours. When you don’t ask them, you can’t even contradict them and you will lose a meter of the diameter of your plot, warns Michael Dobrovoln. The data box is a very successful form of communication, which is more popular in this way. Lots of dleitch horses not only with ady, leave the comfort of your home or office, etc.

In order to prepare for a new situation with its many advantages and disadvantages, however, everyone should take some time. On the change of the data boxes to the new mandatory entity, the state, which in this regard represents the Ministry of the Interior of R, these months. The retirement will therefore take place until the end of March 2023.

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