Total devastation. From the liberated municipalities, almost nothing is left in Ukraine St

There are villages that have been destroyed by practically 90 percent, said Dmytro Butrij, the regional minister, according to whom both the electricity and water and gas distribution systems have been destroyed, and the majority of the inhabitants have left these towns. Most of the liberated settlements are located in the north of the Kherson region, near the border with the Dnipropetrovsk region, and some in the south near the Mykolayivsk region, he added. According to the Ukrainska pravda server, Butrij stated that the situation in the region is critical and pointed out that the leaders recommend that people go to safe cities, not the Ukrainian army, an area full of freedoms.

Kherson was the first city that Russian forces captured after invading neighboring countries, and they also gained control over the Kherson region. Not long ago, there was talk of a Ukrainian counter-offensive in this region, and in recent weeks, the Ukrainian army has begun to regain its position in the area, which is helped by the supply of weapons from the West.

During the last few days, Russia has been trying for a tactical flow on the axis towards Bakhmut, northeast of Donetsk, and has only made slow progress, according to the British Ministry of Defence. Russia is probably adjusting the operational design of its offensive in the Donbass after it failed to make a decisive operational breakthrough on the full force, which has been taking place since April, the message continued, without giving details of the many tactical changes.

The British press is talking about a probable attempt by Russia to move a considerable number of troops from the north of the Donbass to the south of Ukraine. It (Russia) has probably identified its Poroshenko front as a vulnerable area in need of reinforcements, London said.

Russian troops restored local land flows northwest and southwest from Izjum to the entrance of Ukraine. The American Institute for the Study of the Wolf (ISW) warned that the conditions for this operation could be created in the west of the Kharkiv region, or about Kharkiv. Russia is said to be holding positions near the city of Balakliya and the village of Velyka Komyuvacha, and these two cities can be used as a starting point for a ton of operations, experts concluded.

According to their view, the Russians will hardly be able to conquer the Kharkiv region and about Kharkiv, the second largest Ukrainian city, due to the slowness of the progress in Donbass and the persistent problems with the formation of forces and their skills. but, according to ISW, the flows can serve to repel the counterflow of Ukrainian troops.

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council has discovered that Russian troops have carried out about hundreds of attacks on military targets since the beginning of the invasion on November 24 – and eleven times as many – in 17,300 cases – on civilian targets, the BBC reported on its Russian-language website. Russia always claims that it does not target civilians and civilian objects, despite numerous evidence to the contrary, she added.

The reason for such a large flow to civilian targets is also the low accuracy of Russian weapons and the use of outdated and erroneous data.

Russian troops have so far damaged and destroyed more than half of the housing stock of Mariupol, Kharkiv, Ernihiva, Bua, Severodonetsk and Lysyansk. Eight percent of the population of Ukraine, no less than 3.5 million people, were left without a roof over their heads, says the council.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, about 41,030 Russian soldiers have been killed, 1,768 tanks, 4,011 armored vehicles, 932 anti-tank missiles, 259 rocket launchers, 117 anti-aircraft guns, 223 aircraft, 190 helicopters, 736 drones, 174 flat-line vehicles, 15 vessels have been destroyed. , 2912 cars and tankers and 82 pieces of special equipment, estimated on Monday the Ukrainian general tb.

On Monday, according to the Interfax agency, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russians heard the launch of Harpoon anti-ship missiles on the Odessa base, and two American HIMARS rocket launchers were hit by high-precision weapons in Kharkiv. Ukrainian soldiers, according to the RBK-Ukraine server, claim that the Russians fired two Iskander missiles from the Crimea on Sunday at Odas, where local forces reported that a quarry had been hit. The Kharkiv nursing home sustained two injuries, the Ukrinform agency reported.

the data of the parties concerned about the losses of the adversary cannot under normal circumstances be obtained from an independent source.

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