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With the resignation of the police, the information about the death was brought to the Slovak TV news channel TA3. They carried the body of the ungodly from the tarn to the mornice. They found him under Velk Kostel, according to preliminary information, he fell, Slovak police officer Daniel Dobnik said.

A policeman found the injured man on Friday afternoon in the Mal Studen dolina mine. The police have been looking for him since Wednesday, when he got off at the train station in Stari Smokovec and went straight to the mountains, on TA3.

A mountain service with a drone and three service dogs searched for the man. First one of the dogs found the dead in Mal Studen dolin. A rescue service officer, who was transported to the site by helicopter, pronounced him dead.

Nelnk of the mountain rescue service told television that it is impossible to determine exactly from what height he fell. The biggest mistake was that he went into the mountains alone and it wasn’t even clear where the rescuers were supposed to look for him. His equipment, which was not suitable for children’s conditions, could also be a factor.

Dotyn, the tourist, was traveling to the Tatras with a friend, but he went on the trek alone because the friend was discouraged by the weather. Because the nineteen-year-old did not return to him, the friend turned to mountain duty on Thursday night.

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