They fished out the last dead fish from Dyje, which did not have time to split Home

The amount of fish was huge. By the end of the day, the dog weighed 40 tons, but the fish did not have enough strength and power to pull an estimated tens of tons out of the water.

As time passed since the event, it became more difficult to catch the fish because they decomposed quickly. On Thursday, we pulled out individual large pieces. Mal fish were in such a state of decay that you could touch them and they sank to the bottom, he said.

The amount of fish above Jambor’s dam was estimated by his colleague from the religious association Lednice Lubo to be tens of tons. Some of the fish split up and swam downstream to Beclav. Without the fire department, we would not have been able to catch the fish, we thank them for their willingness to help us dispose of the code, he said.

they released more water from the underground

On Thursday morning, the fishermen asked Povod Morava to release more water from Novomlnské ndr so that the fish could swim downstream behind Jamborv dam, where fishing is more difficult than above it. The reason for the bag was not quite satisfactory.

You can’t release 60 cubic meters in a second. Thus, handling requires the instruction of the regional water authority. We cannot initiate such manipulation outside of the manipulated d. It is necessary to proceed formally correctly, said Povod Moravy Petr Chmela. According to the information on the website of the Czech hydrometeorological state, the current discharge is about 11 cubic meters.

The fish under the ponds lacked acid because of the large amount of cyanobacteria, which had spent a week under ideal conditions for growth, and also because the flood had caused the water to pass through the power plant. It is non-acidified, because it does not meet with atmospheric acid. And on Sunday morning, the power plant was shut down due to an accident.

According to the matter, it would be good now if it were cooler and it was possible to rinse the water with an intensive drain. Even when I feel that there is not enough water in the mountain. Every day I hope and know that this situation will lead to the right to be manipulated in the future, so that such a situation does not happen again, he said.

Ask the fish for a minimum long-term, so that there can be an oximeter under the belly, which would immediately signal the amount of oxygen, so that you can react. The reason for its installation has not yet been approved.

A criminal report was filed

Due to the death, one of the fish filed a criminal complaint against the Morava Basin. However, it stated that it proceeded to the lake in accordance with the leadership of the Moravian Fishing Union, which was confirmed by the secretary of the union, Vclav Habn.

it is one of the worst in recent years. In Bev two years ago, 40 tons of fish died due to a lack of cyanide, in the Nesyt pond two years ago, 100 tons died due to a lack of oxygen. And now the ice fishing managed to save tons of fish, when they were released from the Zmeck Dyje, where they were backing up before the non-oxygenated water, into the Star Dyje.

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