There are no female detectives, I have them. even if they had the courage to report corruption, they balance 10 years in office Lenka Bradov | Home

From the records published by the Supreme State Representative Office in the Czech Republic, the trend of increasing the number of persons arrested for non-payment is equally evident. While in 2020 the police did not file charges in a single case, last year they prosecuted those persons.

How to explain statistical movement? According to senior representative Lenka Bradov, who will be out of office for ten years, this is due not only to the good work of the police, but also to a noticeable social shift. People, don’t keep corrupt offers to yourself, but turn to detectives, he explains in an interview for

She also took stock of the decade she spent in the position of chief executive. She revealed, for example, which ministers of justice she worked with and how she follows detective stories. At first, it appeared from the High Representative Office that the number of people arrested for corrupt offenses is increasing. what is it
It is a manifestation of the quality work of the police, which is able to detect corrupt individuals. These crimes are usually sought by the police or the source of the activity of the public.

People who are sued for their salary, contact the police and report this one. Fulfill the reporting obligation and participate in the detection of a criminal act. I consider this to be one of the most important things that the Polish society stands against corruption.

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