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According to some e-shop operators, all changing trends will have a negative impact on the results of the winter season. So far, the most calm are the biggest sellers who assume that the total profit will be the same this year or even better. On the contrary, e-shops that wanted to take advantage of sales this year, expand and invest in development, are the most pessimistic and expect to suffer or have a hard time, often with a full stock of goods that cannot be sold to them at a suitable price.

Honor is the main nervousness. In many segments, summer damping is absolutely common in orders. For e-shops, this is a time when they can prepare for Christmas. Ensure product deliveries, come up with a campaign, etc. This year, however, e-shops are not sure how the rest of the year will develop. Even if revenues are growing relatively little in the meantime, inflation is to blame. Counting orders to this drop, to Martin Pech from the e-shops of the Upgates platform.

E-shops of all sizes agree that the biggest problem is logistics costs and one last problem. The second problem is the cost of storage, investment in storage and the increase in energy prices required for operation. This problem is that, especially for small e-shops, their costs for acquiring a customer are increasing, mainly due to the activities and the growth of strong competition.

You can deduce trends from this. The first is the continuing outsourcing of many processes that have so far been in-house e-shops. The latter is certainly limited by some services, e.g. certain safeguards have been introduced to ensure that all e-shop transactions are profitable, such as a minimum order limit and the like, thinks Richard Kotrlk, CEO of Mallpay. He added that this trend affects those who have started a new breakdown between those who invested in optimization during the covid period and those who did not consider it necessary and now their expenses are increasing on yesterday’s fronts.

It should be noted that the Czech e-commerce market has experienced extraordinary growth in recent years. Even after the current decline, the market will remain above these values. We will soon hear about the problems of the big names. For example, in Slovakia, two large subsidiaries of Dedoles and Fusakle got into existential problems.

The first market hegemons can go through the worst shocks. On the contrary, e-shops with a built-up community of customers and original products can come out of the crisis in time. We must not forget the fact that half of Czech e-shops show a turnover of up to one hundred thousand crowns a year. These are projects that serve as a supplement or a supplement to the current business, where even their potential bankruptcy does not threaten the existence of the owner of the e-shop. Spe is an impulse to shift his attention to another type of business, to Martin Pech from the Upgates platform.

What about e-shops?

The most current threat is unsold goods in stock. The second threat is the ever-increasing operating costs. This problem is then due to the caution of the customers and their decreasing purchase of salt. Medium-sized e-shops then saw the risk in mature competition or cooled investor interest.

I don’t think that e-commerce would need to take extreme measures, but the situation will not be easy for it. However, if e-shops react as flexibly as in 2020 and 2021, they can turn a lot of things in their favor. The possibility for their optimization is entirely in the case of driving enough, adds Kotrlk.

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16 percent, inflation has caused, even though the frequency of purchases has changed, e-shop turnovers have increased. They are also interested in the trend, according to which they should also look for alternatives, i.e. especially better prices. Thanks to this, even fewer games will come before the meal.

Corruptors are careful, so be selective. In this regard, it turns out that the draconian marketing and price gouging that used to be the case with large e-shops is gradually turning against them. People look for alternatives to the selected characters and then look for better prices. You give them the name entrepreneur, thanks to this their results are more stable and resistant to the current shocks on the market, believes Samuel Huba, editor of the Shoptet company.

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