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We present a guide to the weapons used by the Ukrainian army, which strongly reflect the nature of the first conflict in Europe since World War II. However, it must be added that the innovative procedures of the Ukrainian army and Russia’s modern weapons did not only compensate for the overwhelming Russian strength in all military segments.

IV. Biden’s organ

Nova Kakhovka is a sleepy Ukrainian town near Kherson. When darkness falls on it on the 11th, even the only local attraction, the huge dam, will be lost in the era. Not for a long time. The sky suddenly split open with a huge explosion from the ball of fire, hundreds of children flew out, as if it was a firework somewhere on a pilgrimage. Only this day is not a celebration. The Ukrainian Air Force first targeted a Russian ammunition depot. It contains, among other things, the composition of sanytra, or potassium nitrate, from which pyrotechnics are made.

The effect is devastating. The explosion caused an explosion and the subsequent damage to the nearby hospital and residential areas. Among others, nine Russian generals since the arrest of the wolf, Artem Nasbulin, died in the flames; the commander of the Russian 22nd Army Corps, which is supposed to protect the battle and protect the Russian Yernomosk fleet.

Moscow is in the eye. She did not take a crushing blow so deep in her body, 70 kilometers from the front lines. The traditional weapons with which Ukrainians are fighting today would not threaten it.

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