The Spanish Prime Minister called for the tie to be put aside. Wants to save on air conditioning | World

“I would like you all to notice that I don’t have a tie,” Sánchez said at a press conference. “This means that we can all save energy,” he added. Immediately, in a more serious tone, he announced that next week the government will introduce extraordinary measures to increase energy savings.

High summer temperatures are straining Europe’s energy systems and raising concerns about efforts to save more gas in case Russia moves to further cut gas supplies.

Moscow-controlled Russian gas giant Gazprom has cut supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, the main route for transporting Russian gas to the EU, to just 20 percent of the pipeline’s capacity since Wednesday. At the same time, he argues the problems with the turbines. The Union, which has imposed a series of anti-Russian sanctions over Russian aggression in Ukraine, has repeatedly accused Russia of resorting to energy blackmail.

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