The Serbian-Kosovo conflict is escalating. Serbia sent an army to the border | World

According to Greek journalist Sotri Dimipinoudis, there are unofficial reports of a firefight between Serbian and Kosovo forces, Polska Times wrote.

“Everything indicates that Serbia will be forced to begin the denazification of the Balkans. I would like to be wrong,” Vladimir Djukanović, a member of the Serbian Progressive Party, wrote on his Twitter already around noon.

At around seven o’clock in the evening, the TPYXA agency said on its Twitter that Serbian special forces were entering the borders of Kosovo.

These events were preceded by an announcement in June by Kosovo Prime Minister Abin Kurti, who said that all Serbs who want to enter Kosovo will have to use special documents valid for 90 days. These are supposed to replace their passports. “Starting Monday (August 1), Serbian citizens traveling to Kosovo will be required to replace their passport with a temporary identity card for the duration of their visit,” the Euractiv website wrote on Tuesday.

“From August 1, they banned the entry of cars with Serbian license plates. They give you a few days to exchange it. You normally have to have something like a visa. It didn’t matter until today. But now they sent an army from Serbia to the border, the Albanians too. Albanians protest. As a Serb, if I wanted to go to Kosovo, I can’t now. But until now I was able to get there normally. We are all afraid of Russia, we all know that we are next,” local Žarko Veličković told by phone.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučič reacted to these restrictions immediately. “The head of the Kosovo government is preparing an attack on the Serbs in northern Kosovo,” he declared. In this area, they make up a large part of the local ethnic population.

According to The Jerusalem Post website, Kosovo police announced on Sunday evening that they had closed the Bernjak and Jarinje border crossings to traffic. According to the police, other border crossings are operating normally.

After eight o’clock in the evening, however, the Serbian Ministry of Defense issued a statement announcing that the Serbian army had not crossed the administrative line and had not entered the territory of Kosovo and Metohija in any way.

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