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In the Czech Republic, only a few drops have fallen in the last few days (estimated at 1 and 5 mm) and it doesn’t look much better in the next few days, the wind will weaken from today, according to meteorologist HM Michaela Valachov.

On Saturday, apart from some cities in the south-west and north-west, there was rain, showers or thunderstorms. The warning against danger only applies to one hundred regions.

On Sunday, it rained very heavily in the northern NVT Beskyd (108 mm of rain fell in 12 hours on Lys), to which pedestrians also responded to the rising water levels, added Valachov. The rest of the ground, except for the entrance, was sunny, even if it was cloudy.

This week will gradually warm up and the highs will again hover around the tropical 30 degrees Celsius in the middle of the working week. A spit of warm air ends the cold front from the west, likely to arrive in R on Friday.

Today (Monday) it will be partly cloudy, with some fog in the morning. During the day, we can wait for the revenge of soft, rarely buky. Veer ubvn srek and obljat. The highest temperatures are 24 and 28 C, in the northeast around 23 C, at 1000 m in the mountains around 20 C.

At night on the ter let’s expect partly clear skies and especially occasional light or cloudy weather. Gradually, at the entrance of the city of fog. There are no temperatures of 17 and 13 C.

V ter dog day the sky will be partly clear and overcast and occasionally light, in the evening the cloudiness will decrease. From the spot, especially at the entrance, there are occasional fogs. Average temperatures of 25 and 29 C.

In the middle it will be partly clear and clear. There are no daytime temperatures of 17 and 13 C. The highest daily temperatures are 27 and 31 C, and 33 C in the west and northwest.

On Thursday ekme clear and semi-clear skies. Veer, especially in the west, when the weather is covered with occasional snow and fog. Low temperatures of 18 and 14 C. Maximum daytime temperatures of 31 and 35 C.

In the bird it will be partly cloudy, from the fall it will be cloudy and gradually rain or light, sometimes cloudy. At the entrance, the ground of pehka and bouka and veer. There are no daytime temperatures of 21 and 17 C. The highest daytime temperatures are 25 and 29 C, in the eastern half of the country 30 and 34 C.

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