The police have indications of the outbreak of war in the Czech Republic, they need testimony Home

The police are now also interested in the testimony of people who saw where the fire first started. Daniel Vtek, the police in the Steck region, told the newspaper.

In the event of a fire outbreak that affected 1,000 hectares of the Czech Republic National Park, the police will be concerned about outbreaks. But we can’t get to the location right now. The investigation, in which police dogs will also be deployed, has caught up with me.

According to Vtek, the police also took the testimony of people who saw where the fire started. Information about where the intensity of the attacks was the highest during the arrest could help them.

When asked if witnesses had come forward, Vtek said: We have some clues, but we don’t have any concrete testimony that would help us clarify the identity of any person. The police are investigating the incident for suspicion of criminal negligence.

Around the time, the police saw road closures and hunger pangs in the city, from which residents were evacuated. According to Vtek, however, the police did not record the theft or robbery that day. On closed roads, the police did not solve the problems on the day of the meeting, people accept the closed areas according to the language.

However, the police records one incident where a hunter with a drone tried to shoot during air raids. The police know his identity. “We are investigating whether he could have committed a criminal offense or a general threat of negligence by using a drone at a time when helicopters were flying here,” added Vtek.

Due to the closures, even commuters who come to work in Germany cannot cross the Hensko in Denmark. The reason is the large movement of firefighting equipment. According to Vtek, there is nothing to change about this.

Rozshl por liquidate the fire from Sunday. About 450 people had to leave the threatened villages, 100 of them were tourists. Today, about 450 firefighters are deployed, including seven helicopters and those planes.

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