The park should take more time and look for new entries, ex-minister of the environment | Home Do you think the park made a mistake and blame me for being born?
I’m sure the park did what it could, and it certainly didn’t stay put. Would controlled incineration be a good option?
I am not so fully convinced that it would be a system that could be unequivocally recommended here. It is a specific thing that must be evaluated very carefully, and there are errors of experience. What is the best prevention against ringworm?
When it is dry, there is plenty of fuel for fires in the forest. Needles, dry dew and so on. All of this would have to come out of the forest so that it does not reach the forms. It is important to protect biological diversity, and it is much more important to ensure that the park informs tourists how to behave in the forest, because 95 percent of forest fires are caused by hunters, and that is unnecessary.

If the park should focus on one thing, it is to grow up and look for its newts so that they know how to behave in the forest. I think that the long hiker is a general problem, because our other parks are also lagging in it. On the other hand, I think that the situation will slowly improve and people will start to be more considerate. Are there other factors that affect the growth of trees in the forest?
The decision is due to management. The forest should be similar to the original one and should correspond to the climatic conditions. Accordingly, a suitable composition of the forest can be divided. What is the ideal composition of the forest?
The forest should be the main variety and variety of what happens to the species. Unfortunately, in some cases this is not possible and the foresters only have at their disposal spruces, which are very vulnerable. In connection with the match, there are rumors that the park has been flooded with roofers. What is the best course of action in the fight against the roofer?
It’s vc mry. When a large area is attacked by roaches, it is reasonable to take the tree out of the forest and process it in some way. On the other hand, it does not apply that under every circumstance the afflicted girl has to be brought up. From the point of view of biological diversity, it is necessary to leave some trees there. Does Hraj pochanan odumel deviny play any role in the birth season?
I’m a dog, don’t play.

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