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The liquidation of leeks continues, and the printing press is also extinguished on Thursday. Hasim managed to cut the area of ​​the forest to 443 hectares, look for the situation under Kdlová Stná, Bouke, Vtrovec.

The fire brigade is deploying aircraft technology in line with my strategy. Ground the planes in the morning. The helicopters were deployed to massively drop one after the other on the city center in the train system.

The situation is difficult due to the prevailing heat, the firemen often have to be embarrassed. According to meteorologists, temperatures can rise to 36 degrees today. At high temperatures, there is a risk of collapse and dehydration. The rescuers, who arrived in Hensko with the Golem mass network module, were also preparing for the heat.

The module itself is cooled to a constant temperature to make it pleasant even for the patients staying here. We have increased the volume of the solution in the entrance means, we have increased the volume of the cooled connections and the car as well as rehydrated solutions, said the head of the detachment of the Ondej edivka rescue service in the center. According to the fire department, 80 firefighters were rescued in the rescue truck. There are about 1,000 of them in the area.

During the night, the firemen gathered the news, the units moved to the places where their intervention would be needed the most.

Meanwhile, there is information that the night was quiet. Tonight, we arranged the messages so that the firemen who had reached some places could go to another place and help their colleagues there, said firefighter Martin Kavka.

The drones will find out where the fire fighters will be needed due to the fires and will be operative for a long time, so that the fire can be extinguished as quickly as possible. Residents of Hensko, Mezn and Mezn Louka are waiting for their return home.

In the center, about five helicopters and two airplanes joined the fight.

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