The fire in Saxon Switzerland has not improved, the Germans fear rising temperatures | World

“We need the rain to make things better,” Kunz said Tuesday morning. But authorities fear the blaze could instead intensify due to rising temperatures expected in Germany this week, continued drought and wind.

Firefighters are responding to hot spots and embers that could spread the fire to the surrounding area. “They sometimes see open flames and plumes of smoke when they hit,” Kunz said. “We are dealing with a very complex, dynamic situation,” he added.

300 firefighters are currently on the scene, but their number should increase to 550 during the day. They are assisted by helicopters and water cannons from the Saxon and Bavarian police. They sprinkle the edges of roads to prevent the spread of embers.

According to Monday’s estimates, the fire destroyed an area of ​​150 hectares in Saxon Switzerland. The fire spread to Germany at the beginning of last week from the Czech side, where the fire destroyed over 1,000 hectares.

On Monday, the Czech firefighters, who are working in the area with more than a thousand, managed to significantly reduce the affected area. According to their statement, the fire is under control and not spreading further.

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