The entrance to Pravick brn goes to private companies, the senator wants to change that Home

About the situation of Mr List First.

One of the main tourist attractions of the Czech Republic, Pravick√° Brna, was visited by 170,000 tourists last year, according to the CzechTourism agency, it was the 35th most visited city in the republic.

The entrance fee at the summer cottage and restaurant Sokol hnzdo is 95 kroner, children and students 30 kroner. it’s a national park park.

Pensions are collected by the owner of the land and Sokolho hnzd, it is a company Paal with owners of Russian and Ukrainian origin, on the server. The managing director and co-owner of the company is Alexej Krenke, an entrepreneur of Russian origin who, in the Czech commercial register around 2000, stated that he lived in Moscow.

Now, according to the server, he has had a permanent Czech address and a Czech nationality for many years. The co-owner of the company is Maryna Kandiukov, who lives in Ukraine. The server could not contact either.

Sentor Linhart does not think that the only way to solve the long-term problem with the privatized road to Pravick brn is to expropriate the restaurant’s forest and plot a private plot.

According to Linhart, the state has the possibility to threaten its own building by building an alternative access road to Pravick brn, which would mean that their income would drop dramatically. Vak in the past there was also another way. I think that only this pressure could be enough for them to start discussing things, I think.

Tom Salov, the spokesman for the National Park of Czech Republic, said in response that the problem was only exacerbated by private ownership, because privatization already took place in the 1990s. Now, according to him, it is a problem to do anything with it. Necmn cooperates with the private company Paal for operational problems.

The National Park plans to reconstruct the access road leading to the jewel of the Czech Republic.

So we asked if it was possible to build an alternative access there. Technically, it is extremely complex, and it is not possible to build it even with a capacity of five buildings, said TK editor of the first national park, Pavel Benda. He added that he does not see the construction of new roads as real. In addition, according to him, it is possible that after the construction of the new route, the owner could stop selecting the entrance fee for a high price, and people would then move to the original route.

On the other hand, I have to say that we have a very fair relationship with the current owner, and he also contributes to some of our activities in the national park as far as infrastructure is concerned, added the editor. According to him, a private forest restaurant would be difficult.

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