The disinformer was convinced in court that the evidence was mistakenly provided by the defense St

AP and CNN reported on the incident.

Jones testified two times in court that he had no data on his cell phone at first.

But his attorney accidentally sent a copy of all of Jones’ phone and text records over the past two years. The material also contained signs of flow, which convinced Jones that li.

After, according to the media, a very dramatic speech from all parties, Jones said in the center that he now realizes that his actions were irresponsible and that the shooting was 100 percent true.

Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, were sued by the parents of 19-year-old Jesse Lewis, who died during the first round of the race along with 19 girls and six teachers. According to Jones, they gave 150 million dollars (3.6 billion crowns) for the kiva report.

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