The dilapidated Strahov stadium will become a modern technology center Home

Clem is created of an innovative world under the head Czech University of Technology (BUT) in cooperation with the Students’ Union of BUT. In the first phase of the BUT competition, the commentator space in the entrance tribune of the stadium, where the first start-ups will begin to settle. In cooperation with the company Pra Research, which is a Czech company producing peak 3D printers, a test laboratory will be created here, to the delight of the property council Jan Chabr with the fact that in the future they are full of much vt.

My vision is that it will be our own Silicon Valley, actually Silicon Hill. In other words, the city where the future will be formed, Chabr described on Facebook.

Both national and European innovative projects will be created in Strahov. At the same time, the business and academic environments are fully connected. Ten thousand students in the immediate vicinity of the stadium will thus have the opportunity to work with innovative companies, on the other hand, entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic and abroad will have the opportunity to approach new talents.

We will provide students with a dedicated space where they will be able to familiarize themselves with and try out the latest technology, develop their ideas and eventually start their own business with them. The partners will then, in return, get the opportunity to reach out to new talents, explains the rector of BUT Vojtch Petrek.

The fact that the center of the economy of the future will be created from the neglected stadium within sight of Prague Castle. This will be helped by the DLTG investment fund, which will be used for reconstruction and a new vision of the city.

The stands, originally for 250,000 spectators, have been repaired, so they will gradually provide enough space for test technology, including physical tests, such as robots.

However, the eight games that are outside the stadium will still be covered by AC Sparta Prague’s youth teams, confirmed to the assistant of Chabra councilor Jan Maek. The football club has leased the stadium until 2040, with the possibility of an extension for another 10 years.

Pra Research partner’s successor, Ondej Kaprek, added: Each partner has a slightly different role, and we consider it our duty to be there right from the start.

The construction, which will have several phases, should cost several billion crowns. However, the song is still unknown.

According to the investor, the main thing is to create a functional, but also a symbolic space, only with the support of an innovative spirit and the courage to take risks. For the students, this project is a significant step forward for gaining professional experience and the only step towards the establishment of international cooperation. She closed herself to the challenges that the project brings President of the Student Union Ivana Dvokov.

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