The deficit of the general budget at the end of the period rose to 193 billion | Business

It’s been a week approved the amendment to the summer budget with a deficit of 330 billion crowns. In March, the Parliament approved starting the year with a deficit of 280 billion crowns.

The revenue of the amended budget is 1.678 trillion crowns, and the income is 2.008 trillion crowns. The House of Representatives should discuss the budget amendment in z. Vlda in the lower committee with 108 out of 200 votes, so it can be assumed that the budget will pass.

The total revenues of the budget at the end of the inter-year period rose by 8.9 percent to 911.2 billion crowns. The total income of the disbursement then fell by 1.1 percent to 1.104 trillion crowns.

According to the ministry, for the year-on-year improvement of the balance by 86.7 billion kroner, transfers and government compensation at the end of the year were also limited due to covid-19. The party’s incomes were helped by tax revenues, which were up by more than 17 percent.

On the other hand, high prices affected spending, for example, in the form of unusual valorization of incomes and external expenses for housing and material emergencies, the refugee crisis then led to an increase in humanitarian aid, the ministry said.

After the annual consolidation of the state’s budget balance, in 2016, it ran with an estimated small deficit of around ten billion. The deficit of 193 billion is an improvement of the balance by 87 billion compared to the previous year, which, however, is certainly not the level with which we want to compare ourselves, said Finance Minister Zbynk Stanjura on Monday.

According to him, on the data side of the budget, the strong pace of investment activity of the state continues in the third month, which, according to standard, accelerates in the second half of the year. The main state funds for transport infrastructure and the environment received more than ten billion in the last year, he said.

Tax revenues, including insurance, contributed the most to the increase in income (by 12.1 percent) with a positive contribution of all main items, namely value added tax, insurance, personal income tax and consumption tax. On the contrary, revenues from the European Union and the financial mechanism decreased by 10.2 percent. In comparison, Meziron misrepresented the income from the frequency auction (5.6 billion crowns).

Bn revenues fell by 20.3 billion kroner after excluding the living and subsistence minimum, housing tax, extraordinary valorization of all incomes, and other social taxes, and revenues related to solidarity aid to refugees, decreased due to anti-epidemic aid payments. On the contrary, capital expenditures increased by 8.4 billion crowns, the ministry announced.

According to him, the volume of the most important social debts, which grew by 26.8 billion crowns, was mainly due to income payments (by 22.5 billion crowns) due to the January valuation by 5.2 percent and the non-fashionable red one by 6.3 percent. Of the other debts, the main debts for aid in material distress increased (by 5.2 billion crowns) in connection with the payment of humanitarian debts.

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