The city has 50 billion tax dollars for development projects, propose banks Business

The banking sector was included in the draft prepared tax on extraneous profits due to the high profitability of the sector not only in comparison with the previous period, but also in an international comparison. The banks are currently achieving these high profits as a result of repeatedly exceeding the base years of the NB rate, which is suitable for their funds deposited with the central bank, while they do not project this suitable year into the banking products that they offer to their clients, responded the Ministry of Finance.

On the contrary, this announced base rate of NB prescribes to the increasing annual rates for mortgages, business and consumer goods, households and companies, added the ministry.

In connection with the energy crisis and the rise in electricity and gas prices, the government considers that it has imposed a tax on banks from extraneous profits, the so-called windfall tax. Income from taxes could be used first to compensate for high energy prices. The government has not yet released full details. Finance Minister Zbynk Stanjura (ODS) spoke twice about the meeting of energy companies, banks and refiners. For the fifth year, the budget could reach about 70 billion crowns.

According to Deloitte analyst David Marek, the association’s proposals make sense, but after the experience with the National Budget Fund, which was a similar compensation before additional taxation, he did not have enough caution. Cyrrus analyst Tom Pfeier does not think that banks are ripe for a windfall tax. Although their profits have increased, they are not isolated to extreme cases. According to him, the economic slowdown will affect the creation of reserves, which will lead to a slowdown in profit.

According to the association, the left-handed household would allow the repayment of consumer loans and mortgages and the refinancing loan to fall due. In this way, we could help reduce the budget of households with monthly payments by 20 and 30 percent for mortgage loans and by 20 and 40 percent for consumer loans, the association pointed out. Doasn dream loan and mortgage payments are different from the government-sponsored programs in that they are based on households that need help, noted XTB analyst tpn Hjek.

Deferral of payments without receipts

The essence of the hellish payment deferment should be the possibility to apply for a deferment of the six installments in case of need without proof of income and other documents. It would be available to clients without significant delay. On the other hand, it can help to make hell similar to, for example, energy production surcharges. It responds to situations where problems with the debtor arise in the overwhelming majority of cases not because of a nominal decrease in the client’s income, but because of an increase in expenses, not the fault of the client, the association added.

Last week, Stanjura said after a cabinet meeting that the EU government will propose its own proposal for taxing non-equilibrium profits, and this will be done first in the case of banks. For energy companies and refineries, rules according to European measures will be introduced. At the banks, he wants to set his own conditions so that, according to Stanjura, not all will be affected.

In the past, the social democrat Andrej Babia (ANO) promoted the introduced bank tax. However, the cabinet at that time agreed with the banks on the creation of the National Development Fund in 2019, to which the banks promised to send seven billion crowns, instead of the sector tax.

However, in the two years since the license was issued, no pensions have arrived in the fund, Hospodsk noviny (HN) wrote in mid-August this year. According to the National Development Bank (NRB), under which the fund falls, no projects have yet been selected that banks could support. the four largest banks – esk spoitelna, Komern banka, eskosloven obchodn banka and UniCredit Bank – undertook to send pensions first and to specific, selected projects.

The profits of banks and companies grew in the first half of this year, their combined net profit rose by K23.6 billion to 54.61 billion crowns. Find it out from the data published by the Czech National Bank. Bank assets totaled 9.624 trillion crowns at the end of June, which is 1.1 trillion more than at the end of the year.

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