Taiwan sent strikes, and German planes flew into its airspace St

According to the Ministry of Defense, 22 of the Chinese planes crossed the central line in the Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan from it. An informed source of the Reuters agency said that the planes did not fly very far. Airplanes do not cross the center line from the sides.

The situation between it and Taiwan, which Beijing regards as a part of its country, escalated after the speaker of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, turned up. she condemned the attack and again announced that she would start a military exercise with a sharp blade in the vicinity of the island.

In response to the overflight of the Chinese planes, Taiwan sent strikes into the air and deployed missile systems to monitor Chinese activities in the so-called Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). There were 16 Su-30 fighter jets and 11 other aircraft in the Russian squadron, according to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense.

ADIZ is not contiguous with Taiwan’s territorial airspace; it covers a much larger area that borders the human airspace and even includes the walls of the human landmass.

we can’t talk to politicians on the way to the G7

Foreign ministers of the G7 group of major world economies responded to the external tension between China and Taiwan, who called on China to resolve the tension in the Taiwan region in a peaceful way, Reuters wrote.

There is no day justified for the war to serve as a reference to aggressive military activities in Taiwan. The international travel of our country’s law enforcement officers is normal and normal, the foreign ministers of the G7 countries said in a statement released in Germany. They added that the Chinese reaction threatens to increase tension and destabilize the region.

she also criticized Pelosi after her nvtv. It is sad that Taiwan cannot attend global meetings, most recently the World Health Organization, because of the objections of the Chinese Communist Party, Nancy Pelosi said in a speech.

They can prevent Taiwan from sending its leaders to the world, but they cannot prevent world leaders or anyone else from traveling to Taiwan to pay tribute to its flourishing democracy, highlight its many achievements and confirm a commitment to continued cooperation, she added. the speaker of the American House of Representatives, who went from Taiwan to Jin Korea and then to Japan.

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