Sunak and Trussov meet again in front of the cameras, the documentary Planeta Praha | Briefing

According to the meteorologist, the whole country will dry out strong heat. The temperature reached me and 36 degrees. Because of this, the risk will also increase.

The chairman of the upper parliamentary chamber Milo Vystril ped They will receive a medal from the president of Sentu astronomer and physicist Guy Consolmagno and scientist-astronaut Harisson H. Schmitt.

The pair running for the post of leader of the Conservative Party and the second British Prime Minister Liz Trussov and Rishi Sunak they will appear in televised debates Sky News.

A meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs will take place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and their partner. Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov will defend himself.

Speaker of the House, representative of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi’s will be on nvtv Korea. Sweat left for Japan.

A documentary is coming to theaters Planet Prague reisr of Jan Hok and Marin Polek.

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