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The results of the poll were announced by Adam Scheinherr, deputy mayor for transport. Prague bus and tram decided on a new voice. He will be the beaver, announcer and actor Jan Vondrek. Good luck to Mr. Vondrek in his new job!, he said on Twitter.

Scheinherr has just succeeded Dagmar Hazdrov, whose voice has been heard over the crackling of traffic surfaces for almost 30 years.

In the poll, which was launched in May and ended in June, both houses and buildings were represented with two votes each.

Most likely, they will seem familiar to you, you have heard them in dubbing or at theater performances, said the Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague, stating that it revealed their identity and conducted a poll so that the names did not influence the decision of the voters.

The first voice belonged to actor and comedian Jitce Moukov, who lent her voice to, for example, Penny in the legendary series The Theory of Great Grief. About 20,000 people voted for her. The voice of the song was the actress, singer and presenter Anna Csaovsk, who received seven thousand votes from the crowd. He bled under the voice of slo tyi beaver and moderator Jakub Strek, who received a whopping 50,000 votes.

Vondrek, who was voted by 124,316 people out of a total of 200,013 voters, excitedly said that it was like a presidential election. Akort didn’t have to visit the republic in a caravan. I want to thank those who voted for me and for the praise I received. Those who didn’t vote for me, don’t be discouraged, I will try to be a good voice for everyone, he said.

The company will sign a contract with Vondrek in the fifth week, and in August the actor will start making the first recordings, both the names of the stations and the operating instructions. Then, in the autumn, the nagervky will appear in the trams.

By the end of the summer, Vondrek will be working out the names of the bus stops, which will then appear in operation in the fifth year.

In addition to the existing stops, of which there are 10 thousand, the newly created stops will also be wooed, if necessary, the DPP said.

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