Sting scored in Slavkov on the fourth attempt, but the ploy fell through Home

It’s great to move to the Czech Republic again, greeted the septuagenarian Sting concert pieces. He opened his performance with the songs Message in a Bottle and Englishman in New York.

The park was first recognized by Sting’s most famous pieces. The dynamic show My Songs fell in love with the most popular songs from his repertoire, both from the words of the career and the songs of the group The Police.

The audience enjoyed the performance of the performer before the famous Sting. They rang from 5 p.m Lenka Nov & Peter Malsek band, followed by Joe Sumner, British singer and Sting’s son. Right in front of Sting was the stage Vojtcha Dyk with B-Side Band.

When Joe Sumner appeared in front of the audience, people were surprised that he was actually Sting’s son. I am here for the first time and I like it very much, he greeted the audience.

Vojtch Dyk stormed onto the stage before 7 p.m., who, accompanied by the B-Side Band, managed to get the audience cracking up, cheering and singing along with the first song, when he invited people to repeat after him.

Problems with tricks

For some new women, however, the concert ended before it had even begun. And upon entering, they discovered that their officially purchased tickets for the original concert in 2019 were invalid.

I’m coming from Zlín, our friends from Olomouc, all of our tricks from 2019, and we found out that they should have been shaking and they would shake our pensions. But we didn’t know that, so we drove off and lost the tickets, each of which cost 1,700 kroner, the woman who didn’t make it to the concert was angry. There were many of them in Slavkov.

They were unpleasantly surprised that they couldn’t even take a blanket or mat to the park. So they put them in front of the fence or put them on top of it and hoped that things would settle down by the end of the concert.

About 15,000 people arrived in Slavkov, but the organizers did not share the exact number of tickets sold. The city experienced a traffic jam, the railways sent a special train from Brno, and bus lines were also dispatched.

British composer, singer, author, actor, activist and winner of the Grammy Award was born in Newcastle, England, moved to London in 1977 and together with Stewart Copeland and formed The Police with Andy Summers. Together they released five albums and in 2003 were included in the Rokenrolov sn slvy.

Sting announced the concert in Slavkov near Brno in 2018. The first date in 2019 had to be canceled due to illness, the concert could not be held for two years due to anti-coronavirus precautions.

We adapted the dramaturgy from the middle of the park, it is a classy affair. We created the program for the target group that wanted Sting to play in front of him and put on bands, music promoter Ale Hrbek wrote, but the concert was arranged in cooperation with the Live Nation CZ agency.

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