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No one liked the Social Democrats, who were bleeding because of the alliance with Andrej Babi before the regional elections in 2020. Only the governor of the Pardubice region, Martin Netolick, who did not run for SSD, but under the head of his new coalition 3PK for the prosperous Pardubice region, rose to insignificance.

He replaced the orange one with the purple one and it was all over.

His departure from the unpopular party became an inspiration for municipal politicians who are waiting for elections to municipal and city councils. The distinguishing mark for the new group, made up of only party and independent candidates, is the word in the name that brought success to Netolick: prosperous.

Prosperujc Moravsk Tebov with SSD and 3PK support is therefore a candidate for any SSD bat, there is also a 3PK for prosperous Amberk and Za prosperujc Chrudim. Only in the regional city did they elect a social democrat named Pardubice.

A social democrat does not agree to play hide-and-seek with the electorate. Namtaj, for a number of years the People’s Party has been running in Chrudim, in Tebov, and at the regional level for coalitions, in their name there is a link to the KDU-SL mistake.

It’s basically the same thing that people do for years, and it doesn’t upset anyone. It is a connection of experienced politicians, with independent candidates and young people, said the former mayor of Chrudim Miroslav Tejkl from SSD.

Let’s not hide the SSD sign, for the ldr in the Shelf

One of the young social democrats who sees it differently is Tom Honek. In the Police, he is running for SSD as an ldr.

I stand by the fact that the name of the party should be visible, we should not hide behind anything. On the contrary, I think that it is the best time not to sink the sign, but to show that with the transformation and start-up of the party, we are thinking outside and not going after lucrative cities, said Honek.

He added that the motivation of the other social democrats does not matter. I don’t want to hear that foreigners hide under other characters, but that’s just the way it is. When they fertilized it naked with the entry of the government with Mr. Babie, why should the lazy ones dig it out, to open up a thirty-year-old candidate, who served as a non-party representative in a small village for two years.

One of the main drivers of the move away from flying signs in the region is governor Martin Netolick. And that’s despite the fact that it’s an SSD. This is explained by the fact that a connection with independent candidates at the local party level will eventually help.

I spoke about this concept repeatedly before the regional elections. As a way, I see first that our lazy people join various associations, movements, local groups and function as they were used to in the past. The fact that they are connected by some common mistake is, from my point of view, the right thing, said Netolick.

Hejtman is the chairman of the 3PK coalition, which was formed by the union of SSD and the United for the Region movement. In this role, he now supports around fifty female candidates in the Pardubice region.

The project is based on the fact that sometimes we have independent candidates, sometimes cooperating, sometimes they run for support, and sometimes they run for social democracy, explained Netolick.

In the past, for example, the ODS in Peloui demonstrated a similar turn from displaying signs. In 2014, after the failure of Neas’s government, the long-time mayor Iva Bureov ran in the local elections for the group Patrioti pro Pelou, ODS, NK.

Over the years, she stood for the elections again for ODS, which in the meantime gained fame and respect. Even the most reliable are not sure if something similar will happen with SSD. I’ve been in the party as long as anyone, but I don’t remember a situation this bad, said Miroslav Tejkl, who was a founding member of the SSD in 1989.

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