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In some places the situation is good, in others not so much. The children have glued her together in the last few days, but the ideal has not been decided. Anyone who plants trees in their orchards or gardens can clearly see how the fruits slowly fall from them as they ripen. What does it have to do with the Finnish race, which looks very old to ride in the middle of spring and summer.

Fetal loss is quite severe, I would estimate it at 10 to 15 percent, which is not an insignificant amount. It is definitely dry, the humidity is not high. They are always red, but this year it is more pronounced than in other years, said the rescuer Denisa Meznkov from Semetno.

If the trees have good fruit for the summer, they prune some leaves until the end of the red season, so that the others ripen. According to the Meznkovs, these pricks gave a lot of fruit, you usually don’t get to them.

The collapse is not usual and it is caused by drought. It will depend on whether there will be any new hearts in August, said Ale Mark from Lutava. From last year to the present, the precipitation in his orchards fell by about 300 millimeters less than the same period of the previous year.

a family that looked old must be below average in the end. And when he doesn’t get up and running by the end of August, even that will change, Mark realized.

So far, the family is average, it’s not completely bad. But everything will fall, the jet will not ripen. We’ll just see how much will end up on the ground, described rescuer David Ryav from Eko sad Koma. There would be a need for things to start over, he sings.

Don’t help Pval’s child, the water won’t soak in

And that came true for him. But the question is whether the water of the last days will stop the fruit falling. It will also depend on how long the devil’s livers will sting. Flood waters, where a large amount of water falls on them in a short time, are not ideal. Good is a gardener’s day, when a little passes the time. If the bag was poured for more than a day, it would not be so good, because the fruits could become moldy and rot.

The last children that pierce are fast and intense, so the water drains away from the landscape and doesn’t seep into it. Meznkov thinks that it would be better if the mrnji were to fly once a week.

If the trees bear all their fruit despite the drought, they may be wilted due to lack of moisture. Drought and heat affected weight and humidity, added Mark.

Because of the high temperatures, the fruit ripens faster. This year, there is also something that threatens the family. Experienced sadai kay, that when people suddenly ripen vests these days and then fall to the ground, it may not necessarily be drought, but a dark vest. He’s a kid, he’s just born more this year. And until they destroy practically the entire family. Trees weakened by drought are more prone to danger. The breeder will cut the trees in the middle, not so much the people who have them in their gardens.

There are no more than two mice near the fruit tree

Half of the family is on the ground, so in the end I won’t be able to get any plums from it. I thought it was the drought and the fact that it didn’t rain for a long time, said Petr Malk from the outskirts of Zlna, who has about ten vestik trees in his garden. He admits that he is not particularly against anyone, unlike a professional savior who sells fruit iv.

If the fruit has fallen due to drought or a child, it is easy to tell. When the hunter opens it and finds a blue larva inside, the reason is obvious. A lot of people were very worried about mice this summer, but they didn’t show up so much here, Ryav noted.

Sometimes the fruits fall, but it is a question whether it is due to drought or the influence of physiological defects and kdc. This year, even those that don’t cause problems will be included in the code. Those who do not prune trees have lost about a hundred trees, said Rostislav Kubek from Stlek.

According to them, there is a real threat that if there is no more rain and temperatures are above 30 degrees Celsius, the situation outside will cease. In the worst case, even the trees themselves would not be able to handle it, if the bottom of the water was soft and it did not flow with slush.

Sadai stupid to go soon they saw that the plane was born it will be nice, not glossy, and it will make plums. But for now, it’s definitely not. all the trees need water when they grow, then they grind it. Nor were they threatened by spring frosts like in some past years. Despite the current drought, the summer year was not good for fruit. It’s just going to change me.

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