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India has announced that the newly built and leased Hambantota town in Sri Lanka will be used as a military depot. The 1.5 billion dollar (36 billion crowns) building is located near the main route from Asia to Europe.

According to Refinitiv Eikon shipping data, the Juan Wang 5 is on its way to Hambantota and is scheduled to arrive on August 11 for the island nation, which is facing its worst economic crisis in seven decades.

A spokesman for the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said late Thursday that the government is monitoring the planned attack on the German ship, adding that Dill will protect its security and economic interests. India released it on Thursday because the Sri Lankan government disagreed with the construction of the ship.

Foreign security analysts describe the vessel Juan Wang 5 as one of the latest generation ships, which are used not only to monitor space, but also to monitor the launch of satellites, rockets and intercontinental ballistic missiles. At first, the Pentagon’s defense of the modernization of the Chinese army stated that the ship Juan Wang is operated by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The Juan Wang 5 will be anchored in Hambantot for a week and during August it will conduct a space tracking, secondary control and research tracking in the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean area, the Sri Lankan consulting company Belt & Road Initiative Sri Lanka said on its website.

In debt, the state leased the building for 99 years

Sri Lanka formally suspended commercial activities in its main building and leased it for 99 years to a Chinese company in 2017 because it had problems paying off its debt. The latter is one of Sri Lanka’s largest creditors, accounting for about ten percent of the island’s foreign debt. , and thus financed flights, roads and railways.

Sri Lanka angered India in 2014 when it allowed a Russian submarine and naval ship to dock in Colombo. India provided Sri Lanka with support worth billions of dollars (94 billion crowns) this year alone.

Relations between India and the United States have been strained since two years ago, when armed clashes took place on their border, killing at least 20 Indian soldiers and those non-military. The events led to a massive deployment of military units on both sides.

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