Scandal in Italy. The priest served me in a bathing suit, as he used a mattress St

estaticitelet, a priest from the Archdiocese of Milan helped in the city of Crotone at a one-week summer camp for students who, under the Libero organization, are fighting against the influence of the mafia, corruption and inequality.

Bernasconi originally wanted to put me in a wall under the trees on the hill. But when he didn’t find a suitable place, the family offered him a mattress. Me was then held in moi and all the representatives, including the priest himself, were in bathing suits.

Photos from my outings quickly started going viral on social media. The local Catholic Church called for liturgical decorum and respect to be maintained. During school holidays or in holiday locations, it is possible to celebrate in outdoor spaces, but it is always necessary to consult with the local church leadership, the Archdiocese of Crotone said in a statement.

Giuseppe Capoccia, the chief representative of the city of Crotone, in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, stated that the priest is being investigated for a degree of religious confession.

Bernasconi defended his actions in the center, but he also apologized if his actions offended anyone. I definitely did not mean to belittle the Eucharist, said the priest. But symbols are powerful, that’s true, and talk, sometimes otherwise, we wouldn’t want to. It was naive of me not to give them a patina, added Bernasconi.

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