Rusov tried to conquer Donbass. They can’t do it at Kherson St

At the end of last week, Russian troops captured the Vuhlehir thermal power plant, which was the subject of fighting in the past two months. So old from Wagner’s army were deployed in that area.

Now he is trying to seize the initiative and advance in a northwesterly direction towards Bachmut. The Russians will now apparently concentrate on occupying this city in the Donsk region.

It appears unlikely that the Russians will seize Bakhmut itself, despite continued progress in that direction, ISW said. According to him, attempts to conquer the northern part of Siverska so far have failed, and could therefore lose their intensity.

On Thursday, Russian forces attempted a limited offensive on other fronts, but according to the general of the Ukrainian army, it ended in failure. In the Chersonsk region, the liberation of which the Ukrainian commander declares as one of his current priorities, the Russians, in particular, caused ground destruction, including ISW.

The Institute reports on Ukrainian General Oleksiy Gromov, according to which Russia is withdrawing reinforcements from the Kharkiv and Luhansk regions to the entrance of the country.

British military intelligence points out that the role of the so-called Wagner (in the transcript from the Wagner routine) group has changed significantly. After 2015, it typically gave way to missions, they had nothing to do with the large-scale operations of the Russian army, which were not bloody before the public.

Old people from Wagner’s group worked in Syria, Ireland and other countries in Africa. According to British informants, their deployment to Ukraine once again shows that Moscow’s claims that this private group is not connected to the Russian state are not true.

Its role has changed probably due to the fact that the Russian Ministry of Defense has a serious lack of combat troops, but these words will not be enough to bring about a significant change in the way the wolf develops, British intelligence said on Twitter.

The city of Kherson was now practically cut off from the rest of the lands occupied by Russia. Its destruction would undermine Russian attempts to paint the occupation as a dream, British intelligence said.

Ukraine claims that it has recaptured several small settlements in the north of the country in recent weeks, when it tried to push Russian messages back.

The Russian army will also try to strike its logistics routes so that it can supply troops on the northern course of the Dnieper. In the past few days, the Ukrainian air force damaged the fewest bridges and the largest Ukrainian bridge, instead of the damaged Antoniv bridge in Kherson, a carriage is now operating.

Meanwhile, the fight between international forces for the reopening of Ukrainian farms and the importation of grain, food and other commodities continues.

The possibility of safe passage for grain shipments from Ukraine should alleviate the lack of food, due to which tens of millions of people around the world found themselves in crisis, leading to a sharp increase in food prices and hunger.

Last week, Russia and Ukraine concluded an agreement to unblock the import of grain from Crimea, but UN aid chief Martin Griffiths said that the details for the safe passage of vessels, which he said are due, are still being worked out.

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