Routine surgery? Pelosi’s Nvtva in Taiwan provoked the formation of maneuvers and the sound of battleships | St

Even when they (our ships) are able to respond to any situation, they are deployed, an unnamed official from the US military told Reuters. The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, the Antietam missile launcher and the Tripoli landing helicopters were located in the area.

Pelosi’s marriage was strongly criticized by the representatives. Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out that the time for American politicians to warm to the leader of Taiwan is not over. Although he did not name Pelosi, it was evident that he was pointing to his hatred.

After Pelosi’s press conference, she stated that she would immediately begin military and air exercises in the airspace north, southwest, and southeast of Taiwan. According to his Ministry of Defense, the army also uses live ammunition.

Both the White House and the US State Department have revealed that the official policy of Washington is not changed even by Pelosi’s dog. The United States later recognizes the so-called one-woman policy, according to which Beijing is the only sovereign political center in the region. He also intends to limit support to Taipei to unofficial steps.

To the island and to the river

The last speaker of the US House of Representatives to visit Taiwan was Republican Newt Gingrich in 1997. His successors from the main US political parties avoided hating the island, including Pelosi’s during his first term (2007-2011). As relations between Washington and Beijing have only developed in the last few years, an environment has been created in which the hatred of Taipei will once again find an echo among Republicans and Democrats.

On the other hand, Taiwan’s representatives, including President Tsai Ing-wen, have been suspicious of silence in recent weeks. International relations experts interpret this caution as an effort not to provoke Beijing unnecessarily.

Security analysts have been speculating for some time whether the People’s Republic of China will decide to invade Taiwan in the next few days, and if so, how quickly. There is a general consensus that a military confrontation between the two countries is no longer likely. many experts doubt that Taiwan will be able to defend itself. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is sometimes used as a suitable analogy.

Taiwan is more threatened than Ukraine, Elbridge A. Colby, an American security analyst and adviser to the administration of former President Donald Trump, told in Norway.

Ukraine makes up about a quarter of the Russian population. Taiwan is around one percent of t nsk. Ukraine has suddenly split into a very large country, which makes it very difficult for the Russians to occupy it and then strike. Taiwan, on the other hand, is a relatively small island that is very far from the transport hubs of its allies, so it is difficult to conquer it, added the analyst.

Taiwan can’t defend itself

The problem, according to Colby, is the composition of the island’s weapons. In the past few decades, the political leadership has focused primarily on the purchase of sound weapons systems of the F-16 type and the M1 Abrams tank. However, for the defense of Taiwan, there will be much less need for a spectacular defense of the type of solid anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons, as long as a single soldier can serve them in case of need. According to Colby, the purchase of such systems would not attract the island’s media so much, but it would do the necessary dirty work.

The analysis of the American security server War on the Rocks also agrees with Colby’s view. The claim that the purchase of expensive weapon systems is not suitable for a defensive invasion is a political rather than a military move. The Taipei leadership simply believes that the acquisition of state-of-the-art American weaponry will bring Washington closer to the ground and force it to intervene in the event of an imminent landing. Such a thinking bag should be rare. There is still no document for it, and the US and Taiwan have still refused to sign a military aid agreement. De jure, do not recognize him as before.

In the end, only ideal sales conditions speak for Taipei’s benefit. The island is separated from the mainland by 200 kilometers of tidal currents, which invite even one of the most modern fishing boats in the world. In addition, the island has a relatively shallow sea, which is suitable for amphibious flow.

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