Rector of the RANEPA Mau invited the Russian authorities to think about the transition to a mobilization economy

The Russian authorities should consider the possibility of transitioning to a mobilization model of the economy. This type will not contradict the market system and does not mean a return to Soviet practices, Vedomosti quotes Rector of the RANEPA Vladimir Mau as saying .

“In the macroeconomic forecast, it is necessary to work out the scenario of internal mobilization in more detail, I mean economic mobilization,” Mau said during a speech at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes.

According to him, such a model implies strengthening the role of the state, a specific labor market, institutionalization of individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.

“If 30 years ago it seemed that the triumph of the liberal economy had come, now it is obvious that from the point of view of the nature of the productive forces, if we resort to Marxist terminology, the role of the state is again increasing,” Mau concluded.

He added that if in the late 1990s and 2000s it was said that private investment was being squeezed out by state investments, now a fundamentally different situation is developing in Russia. Private business is not ready to actively invest in the development of the economy, so the role of the state in such a model will be much higher.

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