Putin promised armd hypersonic steles Cirkon. He did not reveal where he is St

According to the Reuters agency, in this context Putin did not change Ukraine, where Russia continues to be in the dark.

Additions of these steels to the Russian armed forces will take place in five months. The frigate Admirl Gorkov will be the first to enter combat service with these great weapons on board, the Kremlin said.

The key issue is for the Russian military… to be able to react quickly to all those who decide to limit its sovereignty and freedom, added the Russian president.

According to two reports of the Russian army, Zirkon is capable of reaching nine times the speed of sound, and at a range of up to 1,000 kilometers it can hit even ground targets. Part of the new generation of Russian weapons.

In a speech on the Day of the Russian Empire, Putin praised Tsar Peter the Great for making Russia a great power. In the midst of the celebrations, he signed a new nmon doctrine.

The new 55-page document sets out the strategic goals of the Russian economy, including its ambitions as a major power. All doctrines apply to the whole world.

According to the doctrine, the main threat to Russia is the strategic policy of the US, instead of controlling world values ​​and the military alliance of NATO to Russia’s borders.

Russia should use military service to improve the situation in the world, if other soft powers, such as diplomatic and economic instruments, are used, it will be mentioned in the doctrine.

During his speech, Putin did not mention the conflict in Ukraine, but the military doctrinal path with the complex message of Russia’s geopolitical position in the Black and Azov Powers.

As an area of ​​international importance for Russia, the North Pole is also mentioned, about which the United States repeatedly claims that Russia is trying to militarize it.

The widespread Russian sea with a length of 37,650 km, which stretches from the Japanese Sea to the Black Sea, includes the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

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