Potpi picked up a dead man from the graves of Hranick Abyss Home

Instead, it was about drugs that prevented another person from succumbing to death. As part of the day’s investigation of the attack, the horses of the criminal woman were extinguished for the criminal’s death due to negligence, said Milue Zajcov, a spokeswoman for the Peruvian police.

The police have not yet provided any information, including when he died. The circumstances of the fall are described below.

In the Hranick chasm, the deepest flooded cave in the world, since the middle of last week, members of the Czech Speleological Society from the Hranick Karst have been working, mapping its depths together with other experts from Hungary, Portugal and Serbia with the help of a special underwater robot.

They managed to push the boundaries of their current world record, which they set here six years ago. Speleologist’s behemoth robot mapping a lazy karst terrain submerged to a depth of 450 meters. So far, the depth of the abyss was from 2016 and was 404 meters. They still didn’t reach the bottom, a technically limited robot stopped them.

A similar fall in the net in the Hranick abyss, which is located in the Hrka nature reserve near the Zbraovský aragonite caves, was also investigated by the police in previous years – in 2018, he died of a sudden stroke a few hundred meters younger than him under the influence of alcohol – when the firemen tried to help him, they found him without signs of life.

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