Pelosi’s voice is gone, but her anger is not. Taiwan’s government undermines peace and stability, known from communist countries | St

Pelosi spoke in the island’s parliament on the island’s last day. She sat down with President Chai Jing-wen, who thanked her for her generous support. in response to the attack, it launched a nuclear and air exercise near Taiwan, imposed economic sanctions on it and summoned the American ambassador in Beijing.

Before the meeting itself, The Washington Post printed a column by Pelosi, in which the politician explains the reasons for his trip. In light of the accelerating aggression of the Communist Party, the invitation to the congressional delegation should be seen as an unequivocal declaration that America stands by Taiwan, our democratic partner, which is defending itself and its freedom, Pelosi wrote. She added that his foreign mission is not currently in conflict with long-term American policy.

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