Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on Tue, p mdia. he didn’t want to poke | St

Speculation that Pelosi would stop in Taiwan prompted repeated warnings from her. Beijing declared on Monday that the German army would not intervene if Pelosi visited the island. It would be a gross interference in the internal affairs of the country, said the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Li-ien, and warned that the situation would lead to very serious consequences.

According to a press release issued by Pelosi’s office on Sunday, the House representative visited the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Jin Korea and Japan during her Asian trip. According to AFP, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Pelosi and his entourage will be in this city on Monday and Tuesday.

in recent days, the United States has repeatedly warned of the consequences if a member of the lower house of the US Congress decides to visit Taiwan. Pelosi would become the highest-ranking American official to undertake such a crime since the turn of the century.

he considers democratic Taiwan to be his last bite and the threat of military intervention in the event of independence. Beijing has been warning other countries for a long time not to deal with Taiwanese officials and not to appear to recognize the island’s independence.

Washington maintains official diplomatic relations only with Beijing, while it broke off official relations with Taipei in 1979. However, the United States still has unofficial relations with Taiwan and supplies weapons to it. He claims that he did so in order to help him improve his defenses.

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