Pelosi’s m pillett to Taiwan. Football Plze ek duel with Tiraspol | Briefing

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who ended her visit to Singapore, is still going to Taiwan. According to Taiwanese, they can fly to the island in the evening local time. According to CNN, the storm is likely to last hours, not days.

To A ship with a cargo of Ukrainian kukui is to enter Turkish waterswhich was the first to sail from the Ukrainian fleet since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

The Russian Supreme Court may continue to assess the General Prosecutor’s Office declare the Ukrainian Azov Regiment a terrorist organization. Fall of negotiations behind closed doors.

French MPs discuss proposal for the ratification of Finland and Germany to NATO.

At the end of the electronic auction, the customs office at the Czech-Polish border is not used. The city of Harrachov wants at least 59.7 million kroner for an area of ​​9,000 square meters. The electronic auction started on Friday the 29th.

District Court for Prague 6 proceedings enough of convicted lobbyist Roman Janouk on conditional release from prison.

the witness continues with this question the main corruption case was heard at the Regional Court in Liberec, There are nine people, including governor Martin Pta, and five companies. At the end of May 2020, the Liberec court acquitted all the defendants without jurisdiction, the Supreme Court referred the case to a new hearing. One is dressed to the nines.

Footballers from Pilsen after sovereignly tied Helsinki are second in the Champions League qualification. The champions will face Tiraspol in Kiev in the water duel of the 3rd preliminary round on Tuesday and will want to create a favorable position for the home rematch in the fifth week. Back in Moldova kick-off at 19:00 SEL.

On a whim Set up the Central European Jamboree as an international scout meeting in Visegrad – Central European Jamboree 2022. The event is regularly attended by scouts from all over Europe. The event is for boy scouts aged 14 and 17. Until August 12.

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