Pelosiov wants parliamentary cooperation with Taiwan, he reacts to it St

Later, she also met President Cai Jing-wen, who thanked her for her firm support. na, the island considers them to be part of its territory, meanwhile it imposed economic sanctions on Taiwan with effect from the middle and summoned the American ambassador in Beijing.

Taiwan is one of the freest societies in the world, Pelosi declared in parliament. During a meeting with the Taiwanese president, she then revealed that the United States would not leave Taiwan.

Aggression against democratic Taiwan would have huge consequences for the security of the Indo-Pacific region, the Taiwanese president declared Chai Jing-wen. Taiwan will not back down. We will defend our sovereignty, she added.

In response to Pelosi’s anger, she summoned the American ambassador in Beijing, Nicholas Burns, to voice her strong protest and warn the US that it will pay the price for its own mistakes.

It is a disgraceful step and its consequences are extremely far-reaching, if the Russian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, who called Washington to take practical precautions, is a pervert who does not know the effects of Pelosi’s hatred on Taiwan.

In addition to political leaders, according to the BBC, Pelosi will also meet representatives of civil society, specifically prominent pro-democracy activists, and representatives from business, such as Mark Liu, the chairman of the first Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC.

The BBC reported that the partnership with the Taiwanese company TSMC will help the US to restore the established network of IP supplies, which is used, among other things, in the military industry. The new American law regarding investments in IPs has declared Pelosi’s fault for the partnership.

in the meantime, it imposed economic sanctions on Taiwan. Peruila supplies sand to Taiwan, and the island, on the other hand, grows citrus fruits and some frozen fish.

Two Taiwanese foundations are thus unable to financially cooperate with companies and individuals in the mainland, namely the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and the Taiwan Fund for International Cooperation and Development.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense declared in the center that the announced military exercises around the island are an effort to undermine regional peace and stability. Taiwan is on high alert and will respond to the exercise in a timely and appropriate manner, the Ministry of Defense spokeswoman told Reuters.

Pelosi’s she flew to Taiwan on Tuesday in the afternoon. she responded to the incident by, among other things, announcing several days of military exercises with live fire in six different areas around the island.

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