Pelosi is to act in Taiwan. Installation of Russian weapons from Ukraine takes place in Prague Briefing

In the national park of the Czech Republic the liquidation of the large-scale pore continueswhich broke out 11 days ago and seized 1,000 hectares of forest.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi should act on Taiwan.

At 8:45 m the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to speak at length at the Australian National University.

On Vdni, it will take place meeting of the OPEC+ groupwhich includes the Organization of Petroleum Developing Countries (OPEC) and its allies in line with Russia.

Construction of Russian military equipment from Ukraine on the crack Letn. It was extinguished on the 11th, it was originally supposed to end on the 24th, but it was extended due to the large amount of food.

that’s why I’m a witness the discussion of the main corruption case continues, there are nine people, including governor Martin Pta, and five companies. The case is connected to two projects of the Liberec company Geothermal Energy for the People (GEPO) in Liberec from 2012 and 2014, for K 100 million. The Liberec court acquitted all of them as non-jurisdictional at the end of May 2020, the Supreme Court referred the case to a new hearing.

New Sri Lankan President Ranil Vikremesinghe would have priority in the parliament of the Serbian government at a time when the country is going through a deep economic crisis.

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