Orbn wants to abolish sanctions against Russia by the end of the year. The EU fulfills the obligation to confirm | St

The veracity of his age was subsequently confirmed by Fidesz spokesman Zoltn Kovcs. According to Magyar Nemzet, Orbn told his fellow parties that the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions drove up gas prices and inflation, and if they were abolished, the price of gas would immediately drop by half, and the same would happen with inflation.

Without sanctions, Europe could regain strength and avoid the threat of recession, said Orbn and repeated that the EU’s actions against Moscow fall on the 27th, not on Russia. He wrote on his Facebook that the sanctions imposed by Brussels led Europe to an energy crisis.

Mt Kocsis of the Fidesz parliamentary club said on Wednesday that the party wants to hold a national consultation among the people of Hungary regarding the sanctions. It is an informal survey, during which every adult will be able to answer the questions in the form on the Internet or send it in printed form by mail.

AP believes that the Fidesz government has held similar national consultations several times in the past. These surveys are criticized by professional public opinion research agencies and the opposition, because, according to them, the questions are biased and misleading and are not relevant in the first place.

Kocsis admitted that the planned survey is a political tool that the government will use when negotiating with the EU about the further fate of anti-Russian sanctions.

On the contrary, the Union wants to strengthen the sanctions

While the Hungarian government is demanding the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, the EU, on the contrary, is considering their amendment. This is happening in a situation where pseudo-referendums will be held in the Russian-controlled and occupied countries of eastern Ukraine on their accession to the Russian Federation.

The European Union has made it clear that it does not recognize their consequences. Russian President Vladimir Putin thus announced a massive mobilization in the center and supported the full annexation of Ukraine to Russia.

The newspaper Politico wrote in Wednesday that the EU is preparing a new Balkan sanction and that consultations with the representatives of the Polish states should begin within a few days, especially in Friday.

Ambassadors to the EU expect a discussion on the full ceiling on Russian oil prices. First, this issue was recently discussed by the G7 group of countries. The United States is pressuring the EU to introduce a ceiling on oil prices before the embargo on Russian oil imports into the European Union begins at the beginning of December as part of the EU’s sixth package of sanctions against Russia. The US announced the ban on Russian oil imports.

Other measures that could be discussed are the destruction of the import of Russian diamonds and other luxury goods. Accepting the new sanctions does not have to be approved by all the 72 countries.

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