on military exercises near Taiwan, reacts to Pelosi’s criticism St

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense said on Thursday, according to Reuters, that it would respond adequately to the hostile situation. He intended to raise the level of alertness of his own army.

A few hours later, the Ministry of Defense announced that its website had been hacked and was still down. According to the government, the cyberattacks have not yet caused the code to be broken, so they told the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government. Due to the increased number of hacker flows, island companies were advised to improve cyber security.

Meng Siang-ching, a professor at the National Defense University, said on the Chinese state television (CCTV) that the island is being surrounded in an unguarded formation, and described how a real military operation against Taiwan could take place, Reuters reported.

In fact, it created very good conditions for us, and we will be united in the future in a strategic environment that is beneficial for us, said Meng.

Chinese troops in the northern part of Taiwan could potentially block I-lung, which serves as the main post, while holes could be fired from the area east of Taiwan instead of military bases in the cities of Hualien and Taitung, he added. Meng.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan a lazy, irresponsible and highly irrational action by the United States, China’s state television CCTV reported. In a speech to the meeting of foreign ministers of ASEAN countries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Wang declared that the country has exerted maximum diplomatic power to avert the crisis, but will never allow its basic interests to be violated.

The current and future countermeasures are necessary defense countermeasures, which are diligently invited and evaluated, and are exchanged for the protection of national sovereignty and security, in accordance with international and domestic first, CCTV quoted Wang.

ASEAN warns against provocation

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) called for calm in the Taiwan Strait at a meeting held in Cambodia. ASEAN foreign ministers have appealed to the United States and the United States to avoid any provocative actions in connection with the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Taipei, which angered Beijing. It was reported by the AP agency.

He will meet in Phnom Penh with the EU diplomat Josep Borrell, who condemned the aggressive military activities on Twitter. He called on all parties to maintain calm, restraint and act transparently. According to him, Pelosi’s Nvtva is just a mention for Beijing.

In a rare joint statement, the diplomats of the ASEAN countries warned that the growing tension could lead to an open conflict. The situation could destabilize the region and could eventually lead to miscalculation, foreign conflict, open conflicts and unpredictable consequences between the great powers, AP reports.

Pelosi is the highest-ranking female representative of the USA, she has visited the island in the last 25 years. During her short stay in Taiwan, she sat down with President Tsai Jing-wen and visited the parliament.

According to Pelosi’s position in the region. On Thursday, he visited Jin Korea, according to the AP agency, he will visit the border between Jin Korea and the DPRK in full.

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