Obti HIMARS or muen? Donetsk and Kyiv are guilty of the death of Ukrainian prisoners St

At night, they fired, probably (from the HIMARS system), at the fort in Jelenovka (Ukrainian name is Olenivka – note by TK). Pm zsah in the barque with the prisoners. The result at the moment is: 40 dead, 130 injured, separatist Daniil Bezsonov, deputy minister of information, declared according to the BBC, adding that the debris is still moving and the victims may die.

The TASS agency later wrote with resignation to the DNR Territorial Defense Agency that 53 people were killed. According to various Russian or separatist sources, the number of wounded ranch ranges from 75 to 130.

In the morning, the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konaenkov, spoke of 40 dead and 75 wounded Ukrainian prisoners of war, and eight wounded in total. According to the TASS agency, he immediately accused Kyiv of a bloody provocation, which, according to him, should discourage Ukrainian soldiers from surrendering.

Kyiv rejected the claims of Russian and pro-Russian separatists, calling it propaganda. The armed forces of the Russian Federation executed a member of the juvenile detention center in the settlement of Olenivka in the Donetsk region, where there were also Ukrainian prisoners, the Ukrainian General Tb wrote on Facebook. In this way, the occupiers pursued their criminal goals – to accuse Ukraine of capital crimes and at the same time suppress the arrests and executions they carried out there at the behest of the occupiers and the commander of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, he added.

According to the general statement, the Ukrainian armed forces did not conduct an attack on the area of ​​the village of Olenivka. According to you, the army adheres to the principles of international humanitarian law and, thanks to high-precision weapons obtained from partner countries, it plants unusual precision holes only in Russian military facilities and not in civilian infrastructure, especially if there may be Ukrainian prisoners of war there.

Similarly, the claims of individual parties to the conflict cannot be directly and independently evaluated.

There are Ukrainian soldiers in the penal colony, including a member of the Azov regiment, the BBC noted on its Russian-language website. According to the Meduza server, a separatist broke through some defenders of the Mariupol iron and steel works Azovstal.

The Ukrainian defenders of Azovstal were captured by the invading Russian and pro-Russian forces in May, when they surrendered after long and hard battles surrounded by factories in Mariupol. In the meantime, the separatists have announced that they want to put members of the Ukrainian Azov Regiment and other Ukrainian units on trial for alleged crimes. Many Ukrainians worship the Azov regiment as heroes, Moscow portrays them as neo-Nazis.

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