Nudists at the Brnnsk reservoir caught up and surrounded the thief who stole the bicycle | Home

One of the vacationers fell asleep contentedly on the blanket, when she was woken up by the sound of the others, someone stealing an open bike nearby. She looked back and really saw a young man fleeing with his bicycle worth tens of thousands of crowns, Jakub Ghanem describes the talk of the Brno website

At that moment, a whole bunch of nudists ran after the non-leaver. However, the twenty-year-old thief made the mistake of choosing a path leading uphill to nowhere.

According to the witnesses, after a few meters he threw the bike away and ran to the buffet, where the group of pursuers caught him, continues Ghanem.

One of the robbers called 156, while the young man hid under the table top, angry male intruders sat around him and until the patrol of the city police passed by, so that the thief could not escape.

Getting to know Dotyno was not difficult for the young woman. Apart from the fact that the others were constantly looking for him, he was the only one among them who was surrounded.

With regard to the value of the bicycle, the perpetrators were arrested by the police as a criminal suspect and threatened with imprisonment.

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