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Grossi in termm conversation for the AP agency, he stated that the situation at the Zaporosk power plant in the southeastern city of Enerhodar, which was seized by the Russian army shortly after its invasion of Ukraine on November 24, is becoming more dangerous every day.

All nuclear safety regulations were violated in the power plant, Grossi said. According to him, Russian words do not respect the physical integrity of the power plant. A paradoxical situation is reached when the power plant is controlled by Russia, but its Ukrainian personnel are in charge of nuclear operation, which leads to inevitable problematic moments of force majeure, he added. According to him, the IAEA has to establish contacts with personnel, but they are still incomplete and not always functional.

According to Grossi, the IAEA must conduct very frequent inspections to ensure the protection of nuclear material. There is a lot of nuclear material for you to check. And that is the reason why I have insisted from day one that we must be able to go there so that we can assess the safety and make the necessary repairs, he added.

His words about the necessary control were also confirmed for iDNES by the president of the National Association for Nuclear Safety (SUJB). Dana Drbov. The situation is the same there, assured Drbov. According to the agreement, all the principles that ensure a high level of security are fulfilled, she added.

Mr. Grossi has been appealing to her for a long time to allow international experts to come to Zporo to help resolve the situation, she added. Out of control at this moment, according to Drbov, means that the complex does not have access to international experts who could help the situation in any way.

In addition, you must understand that the treaty on nuclear weapons is a highly diplomatic matter, and first of all, you should use such words as out of control, which may not give the right impression. The power plant actually did not go out of control, the situation, as it turns out, is very critical and very difficult, added the physicist.

The situation is unacceptable, there is no reason to panic because of radiation. That’s it, added Drbov later on her Twitter.

SJB stated on his Twitter in the middle that nothing is happening at Zaporsk Elektrrn that hasn’t happened since March 4, when it was occupied by Russian forces. The Radian situation is not changing there, he said.

Like in Chernobyl

The Russian-occupied Zporo raised fears that the second of Ukraine’s 15 nuclear reactors could be damaged. Such a situation could then trigger a similar catastrophe, which was the one in 1986 in Chernobyl.

Grossi visited Chernobyl on April 27 and wrote on Twitter that the security measures are like a flashing red light. According to him, the IAEA must go to Zporo, just as it did to Chernobyl, in order to find out the facts about what is really happening there.

For this, the IAEA needs the urgent cooperation of Russia and Ukraine. The IAEA will take its stand to discourage any violent action against this nuclear power plant. Therefore, as an international leader, as an international organization, I ask both sides to let this mission continue, he added.

Grossi is currently holding a long-delayed meeting in New York, its main goal is to revise the more than 50-year-old Non-Nuclear Weapons Treaty, its goal is to prevent nuclear weapons and eventually achieve a world without them.

In an interview, the IAEA talked about efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement between Russia and the major powers, which the Trump administration abandoned in 2018, and which Biden is now trying to renew.

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